Bill Cosby can use to email and Television behind the bars

Press-secretary to get Corrections Amy Worden clarified to Foxnews that the disposition of Bill Cosby's structures at the brand newest maximum-security country prison, located approximately 30 miles north of Philadelphia, could end up similar to.

Bill Cosby

Based on Worden,'' Bill Cosby, currently Called Inmate No. NN7687 could have"usage of a living room and workout room"

Bill Cosby will have access to TV and email

Additionally, he"will probably soon be able to buy his own tv, radio, tablet and computer so he can have the ability to get email, books, and music," says Worden. "All these are possessions that offenders are allowed to own."

Currently, Bill Cosby is at one single cellphone nearby the infirmary, but Worden says he"will more than probably be transferred to overall people sooner or later."

"He's a little bit of an odd circumstance because he's a visible inmate and he is being kept in a particular region of the center," she explains.

Worden additionally noticed that the center" already houses numerous inmates with blindness or threatening vision" Cosby uses a cane and is blind.

Worden went onto describe at today Bill Cosby continues to be"tagged as an unclassified inmate" and"to the initial ten days could simply receive visitation out of his attorneys as well as some other religious advisors" But they could consume up to 50 people visit with.

 Bill Cosby should be behind bars up to 09.07.2015.

"When offenders are attracted into the center they move through a battery of evaluations to programming requirements, emotional health, etc., and which may take a few weeks," she explains. "throughout this classification that an inmate's use of certain matters will vary."

Worden also talked to this understanding a lot of people have of prison that could be wrong predicated on what's frequently portrayed on tv -- but noticed that as SCI Phoenix is just a brand new facility, offenders are granted use of more funds which could certainly help in their rehabilitation programs.

"Obviously, Mr.Bill Cosby is going to have the ability for commissary as well for snacks and matters of this type," she explained.

"And inmates are permitted to own a tv -- though in that point at the classification,'' Mr. Cosby won't find a way to purchase their or her own television nonetheless," continues Worden. "After he has been classified he will be in a position to obtain snacks and television "

Has been sentenced to be found guilty of 3 counts of felony aggravated attack in April.

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