You can start watching again"The Walking Dead" season 9 returns to AMC

In case you have not watched season 8, then be aware that the specifics of this finale are discussed below.

The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" season 9 returns

"A New Beginning" may be an ideal name for its growing summer season 9 premiere of The Walking Dead: There is a fresh show-runner (Angela Kang), a brand fresh vibe (more comedy, classic George Romero scares), fresh cast members (Brett Butler! )

The Walking Dead -- while still staying among the greatest shows on television -- had, honestly, become tricky to see lately. Did every incident need to become a downer, although It's true, this can be a series of a zombie apocalypse?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan gave an awards-worthy operation whilst the charming-yet-deadly Negan on the previous two seasons, however, his arc attracted the hero, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), along with his group too down into the dumps. Obviously, there is cause to observe if Rick along with co. bested Negan at the summer growing season 8 finale, but then it had been unsure if anybody was likely to proceed forward to such a thing remotely resembling a happy end.

However, if that the AMC play yields Oct. 7, then it begins with a totally idealistic opening scene (that I'll not talk in more detail before after the event airs). At the very first couple of moments, audiences are treated with smiles, entertaining old-school stunt hop scares, and unfiltered scenes put in the daytime, that appeared a rarity from the Deadverse recently, notably on Stress the Walking Dead.

Nevertheless, the area of The Walking Dead continues to be a chilling and dangerous location. Characters will still perish and personalities will nonetheless reveal they're horrible authentic colors, but characters may even laugh, also love and, gosh darn it, they'll live this particular season.

It's tough to elaborate more without stepping into some spoilers, but I'll say that: With Rick at comparative peace as his last episodes attitude -- though Lincoln might possibly be directing several episodes! -- it's fascinating to see still yet another member of the group proceed dark. B

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