#MeToo: Notice Issued to Alok Nath By IFTDA

Notice Issued to Alok Nath By IFTDA 

Alok Nath

The Indian Film and Television Directors' Association has issued a notice to actor Alok Nath, hunting his stance to the sexual harassment and rape allegations made against him by producer and writer Vinta Nanda.

We have already drafted a notice that's to be issued to Alok Nath because Vinta Nanda can be a very respectable member of IFTDA."

Vowing to penalize each of predators, Pandit urged the people to support the federation.

"please promote the entire federation and let's all move together to fight this menace. We want help and your service. This federation now takes avouch that nobody in the industry will dare to think to even do something amiss. Be it, anyone," he explained.

We're standing by Tanushree or any victim for this matter but I need Nana Patekar to be viewed too."

Nanda on Monday took to Facebook to narrate her ordeal, While the #MeToo movement gained momentum in India.

"I hadn't been mistreated, I was taken into my house and had been brutalized," she had written while asserting that it was the'maximum sanskari man in the industry'.

In her post, she'd recounted her terror and alleged that the lead performer of her series'Tara'- Alok Nath- plagued the female guide. Observing alleged misconduct, Nath has been taken the series off and things continued, composed Nanda.

Bollywood actors Sandhya Mridul and shared their ordeals on networking and Deepika Amin had also opened up about facing rowdy behavior.

Even the #MeToo movement gained momentum in India later Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of harassment. Following the revelation, causes have come to the ending with famous brands film-maker Vikas Bahl and celebrity Rajat Kapoor.

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